Diesel fuel  oil additives

Diesel fuel oil additives

XSNANO is Protection and Enhancement for all types of engines and machinery and completely safe to use ship and store. From high performance racing engines to hard working trucks, all perform better when using XSNANO.www.xsnano.comemailus jenny at xunsn dot com

XSNano diesel saving additive is physical, safe and environmentally-friendly.
1, non-flammable and non-explosive;
2, no oxidation;
3, no reducibility;
4, non-toxic and non-corrosive;
5, no other hazards;
Product Effectiveness:
1, Save fuel;
2, Reduce harmful gas emissions;
3, Remove carbon and sediment in the fuel tank and exhaust system;
4, Protect the engine and fuel system from oxidation and corrosion;
5, Increase engine power;
6, Reduce vehicle maintenance costs;
7, Extend the service life of the vehicle.
Method of use:
Add in the proportion of 1:10,000, for example, 5ml of diesel additive (NDA) treats 50ltrs of Diesel. Overdosing will not cause any damage or side effects to the machine.Before refuelling, add the NDA to the fuel tank according to the mixing ratio and then add the Diesel. Or you can add directly into bulk tanks according to the proportion.